"More Gun for the Money"

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"MY FIRST GUN WAS A MOSSBERG," is the nearly universal refrain of every American hunter, shooter and collector today. Now, take a trip down memory lane with Mossberg: More Gun for the Money, the definitive work which chronicles the firm that brought the shooting sports to the working class. From the first Brownie pistol in 1919 to today’s state of the art sporting firearms, you’ll enjoy the never-before-told history of America’s oldest family-owned and operated firearms firm.

  • Researched and written by the founders of the Mossberg Collectors Association
  • Exploded parts diagrams for obsolete models
  • Rifles, shotguns, pistols, telescopes, iron sights and accessories
  • A must for collectors, gunsmiths, historians and enthusiasts everywhere
  • Rare models and military developments
  • Over 500 photographs

$25 soft-cover edition

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About the authors

Victor Havlin is the president of the National Mossberg Collectors Association and the nation’s foremost authority on antique and obsolete Mossbergs. Havlin has collected Mossberg firearms for 56 years, and is recognized as the historian of the Mossberg firm. A life-member of the National Rifle Association, St. Louis Antique Arms and Missouri Arms Collectors Association, Havlin has won numerous Best of Show awards for his Mossberg display. After a 24-year career with the St. Louis Fire Department, including honors as 1983 Firefighter of the Year, Havlin now operates his own obsolete gun parts and accessories business, Havlin Sales and Service, specializing in Mossberg-only

Cheryl Havlin is the vice-president and editor of NMCA News, the association’s quarterly periodical. She collects single-shot .22 rifles and antique pocket knives, enjoys rimfire silhouette and skeet shooting and amateur photography. Cheryl is formerly a marketing director for the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, and currently a member of the NRA and Missouri Arms Collectors Association.

The Havlins formed the NMCA in November of 1988, which is officially recognized by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., and is an affiliated collectors association member of the NRA. Vic and Cheryl have regularly displayed at the NRA annual convention and meetings since 1989.

Cheryl and Victor Havlin