Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I get parts for my older Mossberg firearm? 

A:  Contact Havlin Sales and Service at 636-937-6401 or  Many of the most commonly requested parts are remanufactured or located through salvage.  The Havlins will assist you with locating parts if not in stock, or directing you to another source, if known. Currently, there is a shortage of availability on clips and magazines. Fabricators with capability to make clips are busy making hi-cap pistol and rifle mags and it seems that the large orders for these never cease. They are working our Mossberg mags in as they can, and panic buying of what you can't get also seems to be the rule (if you don't have them then I'd better order 3 or 4 etc.). Check availability by phone or email contact before placing an order.

Q: Where is the serial number on my old .22 rifle?

A: There may not be any. For a period of years between 1930 and 1968, Mossberg did not put serial numbers on their long guns, preferring to pass along that cost savings to the consumer. Early Model K, L, M and S rifles did have a serial number, as did the .22 training rifles made for the military (44US) and British Lend-Lease guns (42MB). The Gun Control Act of 1968 made it no longer optional for a manufacturer to put serial numbers on their long guns, and all Mossberg firearms made after 1968 will bear a serial number on the left rear of the receiver.

Q: How do I get an owner’s manual for my older Mossberg rifle or shotgun?

A: The older model Mossberg arms came with a simple "hang tag" which included an exploded parts diagram and very basic general disassembly instructions. These tags generally hung in an envelope around the trigger guard of the gun displayed in the gun store. While all of these are now out of print, we can photocopy the hang tag information for most models for a nominal fee of $2.  Larger manuals & tear down guides may be available for a fee of $3-$5 depending on document length.  Hard copy only. Recently, we have added PDF versions of the 5500 and 9200 shotguns. Go to Owner's Manuals to download one of these.

Q: I have an old Mossberg rifle that I have no use for and would like to see someone own it who might have some appreciation for it. How do I go about this?

A: Place a free ad in NMCA News, the official quarterly publication of the collectors’ club. With over 1000 members, this is the best place to get exposure for selling your old Mossberg. You must observe all Federal, state and local regulations when transacting business, and be sure to use NRA standards when grading the condition of your items for sale. Send your ad to: NMCA, PO Box 487, Festus, MO 63028.